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Right Approach Home Inspection, founded in December 2009, is a full-service home inspection company that serves the greater Phoenix metro area.  We provide our clients with the most comprehensive and accurate assessment of a property’s current condition.  With over 11 years of residential and commercial experience and over 1,000 inspections, our clients can be assured that they will receive the necessary information to make sound and well-informed decisions.  We are extremely proud of delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Check out our Testimonials!

Each home inspection exceeds the Standards of Professional Practices set forth by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (AZBTR) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  The most current methods and tools are utilized to ensure a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the property.  Please go to “Inspection Services” for more detailed information.

Every inspection report is a thorough and objective analysis of a property’s overall condition, its major systems and components, and any deficiencies or concerns that exist at the time of the inspection.  The reports – extensive and complete with color, digital photos and easy-to-understand explanations – are electronically generated and delivered to clients and their agents.  Reports remain accessible for 5 years.

Right Approach Home Inspection is owned & operated by Ron Borgogni.

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“I finally got around to taking a closer look at the inspection report. Great job on the presentation. Very easy to make a to do list for myself based on the way you presented this report.  Thankfully, I don’t see anything here I’m not going to handle myself, other than having a plumber completely go through the basement plumbing and landscaper to rebuild the sprinkler system.  Nice job Ron!  I learned a lot!”
– Brocke A., Tempe AZ

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We are an eco-friendly company. Our web-based reports greatly
minimize the amount of paper and ink used.

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