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Q. What exactly is a home inspection? 

A. A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the systems and components of a home.  How these systems and components operate and interact determines the building’s “wellness” as a whole. The purpose of an inspection is to spot existing or potential problems so that you, the buyer, can make a well-informed decision regarding purchase of the property.


Q. How much will a home inspection cost me? 

A. Buyers should really be asking “how much could a home inspection possibly save me?”  There may be hidden repairs that need to be done – i.e., roofs, plumbing, electrical, air conditioners, etc.  These types of repairs can cost thousands of dollars.  In today’s market of Short Sales and Foreclosed homes – banks are sometimes willing to make corrections that a Certified Home Inspector may find.  If nothing else, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much certain repairs may cost.

Q. What is looked at during a home inspection? 

A. Every aspect of a home is examined during an inspection, including:  roof condition, structural components, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, plumbing, insulation, ventilation and drainage.  Additional inspection services for pools, termites and mold are also available, if needed and/or requested.  For more specific information, click on our “Inspection Services” tab.


Q.  I plan to sell my home.  Why should I have a home inspection if the potential buyer will have one done? 

A. As the current owner/seller, being made aware of any existing issues with your home now gives you the option to correct them before the potential buyer comes along.  By providing an inspection report to prospective buyers, you demonstrate your honesty by fully disclosing any deficiencies and/or any repairs you might have completed.  


Q.  I watch Holmes on Homes and HGTV all the time,  and have done some research.  I`m also very handy when it comes to home repair, so why can’t I inspect the property myself? 

A. Unless you have been trained in all trade aspects that are involved in constructing a home, it might be very easy for you to overlook something or just not know if a potential defect or hazard is present.  There is also the emotional aspect involved – because this could be “your” home, your objectivity might be clouded.


Q.  I am buying a newly constructed home.  Why should I consider a home inspection for a brand new house? 

A. Unfortunately, all builders are not created equal.  Even homes built by one builder can have wide variations of quality and workmanship.  For this reason, a home inspection performed before your warranty period expires gives you the luxury of knowing what items might have been overlooked by the builder and have them corrected under the warranty.


Q.  I’ve been in my home several years and have not had any problems. Why should I consider having an inspection? 

A. As with any home, ongoing maintenance will always be a necessity. Things change, get weathered, shift and settle. A maintenance inspection now could spot potentially expensive repairs in the early stage or completely avert a major problem waiting to happen.


Q.  Should I be present during the inspection? 

A. You are encouraged to be present at some point during the inspection. Realistically it would be cumbersome and exceedingly time consuming to discuss every issue with you during the inspection process. There are also insurance constraints and safety issues that prevent us from allowing you the same access we have, such as climbing ladders or opening live electric panels. It is more efficient for us to do the inspection in a methodical way and then go over a summary of the findings with you at the end. Then we can discuss any concerns you might have.



Q.  How is an appraisal different from a Home Inspection? 

A. Quite simply, a home appraisal is completed for a lender, while a home inspection is done for a buyer.  An appraisal estimates the market value of a home.  An appraisal also verifies that the home meets FHA minimum property standards and requirements.

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