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Usually one of the first questions that people ask about a home inspection is, “How much will this cost me?” While pricing is important, consider that the actual cost of a home inspection is just pennies on the dollar relative to the purchase price of a home. Further, the downside of not having a thorough and professional home inspection — or shopping around for the cheapest — could end up costing a buyer thousands of dollars in repairing unnoticed or overlooked deficiencies. It’s in everybody’s best interests to know the current condition of a home — good or bad — and to have a complete understanding what additional expenses, if any, to expect now and into the future.

Home Inspection Pricing

At Right Approach Home Inspection, our pricing is primarily based on the size of the home to be inspected, averaging 15¢ per square foot.  Termite inspections are also available for $30, and pools/spas are an additional $50.  Finally we charge a minimum of $365 for smaller homes and condominiums (1500 square feet or less).

Are we the cheapest company?  No.  Are we the most expensive?  No.  But, our pricing is fair and competitive.  Furthermore, our clients have the added assurance of knowing that we will allow ample time to complete a thorough inspection and write a comprehensive and custom report.  Companies that bid lower prices are able to do so because their business is based on volume.  This may lead to rushed inspections and rubber-stamped reports, both of which could result in unforeseen expenses down the road.

We take great pride in providing our clients with excellent service and unmatched professional integrity.  100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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