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Types of Inspections

A professional home inspection is essentially a “visual snapshot” of a property’s condition as it exists at the time of the inspection. A home inspection is not intended to identify every little blemish or imperfection. Rather, it will provide an unbiased assessment of the property’s overall condition and its major systems and components, and detail any problems that exist — or are likely to occur — and recommend viable solutions to resolve those issues.

Generally, the physical inspection takes two to four hours to complete, depending on the size and condition of the home. And, our inspections are thorough. We will not exclude examining a component or system because they were too difficult to reach. As long as a component is accessible, it will be inspected. Each inspection is documented in a custom report that is complete with color, digital photos and easy-to-understand explanations. Every report is electronically generated and delivered to the client the same day.

Right Approach Home Inspection offers the following types of inspections:

Buyer’s Inspection
This is the most common type of inspection that is requested by a buyer of a home or a commercial property. Deficiencies identified during the inspection can either be repaired by the seller, or the purchase price can be adjusted to allow for the necessary repairs.

Seller’s Inspection
Also referred to as a “pre-listing” inspection, this inspection is requested by the seller/owner of a home to identify any issues that should be addressed prior to listing the property for sale. The seller can choose to correct the problems and market the home as “move- in certified” or disclose their existence to potential buyers.

Warranty Inspection
This inspection is specifically for newly constructed homes that are approaching the end of a builder’s warranty period. A professionally conducted home inspection will identify existing deficiencies — and, in turn, generate a “punch list” of items — that need to be corrected by the builder before the warranty expires.

Construction-Phase Inspection
This inspection occurs in multiple phases. As a new home is being built or significantly rehabbed, there are critical times during the construction process to determine if the work being completed is correct or potentially deficient. This inspection ensures that each phase of new construction is being done correctly.

Termite Inspection
If requested by the client, a professional termite inspection can be provided to determine if there is any evidence of termite infestation. This inspection includes examination of both the interior and exterior of the home.

Mold Inspection
A mold inspection is typically requested by a client when the home inspection report has identified a probable area of mold growth and/or excessive moisture. A Level I mold inspection will confirm that the visible area is, in fact, mold. A Level II mold inspection is far more extensive and involves an in-depth visual inspection, including the collection of air samples to be laboratory tested.

Inspection Report
Right Approach takes the writing of inspection reports very seriously as they are legal documents. Depending on the size and condition of the home, it takes about three to four hours to create a custom inspection report. Each report is a thorough and objective analysis of the property’s overall condition and its major systems and components. Reports will detail any problems that exist — or are likely to occur — and recommend viable solutions to resolve those issues.

Regardless of the type of inspection requested, each inspection and corresponding report will encompass — but is not limited to — the evaluation of the following:

  • General Building and Site Information
  • Structural and Load Bearing Components
  • Roofing System
  • Attic, Insulation and Ventilation Systems
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing System
  • Electrical System
  • Interior of Home
  • Exterior of Home
  • Swimming Pool, Spas and Equipment
  • Termite and Mold Inspections — available upon request

Have no doubt … our reports are just as extensive as our inspections. On average, each report is 40 to 50 pages in length and is complete with color, digital photos and easy-to-understand explanations. Every report is electronically generated and delivered to the client via the Internet — our company’s conscious decision to “go green” and be more eco-friendly. Reports are accessible via a client-generated user name and password and remain so for five years on our server (via HomeGauge).

Reports are delivered to the client on the same day as the inspection; however, they are not presented to the client on-site, immediately following the inspection. While some may view on-site report delivery as an advantage, we do not. The only way a report can be presented on-site is for the inspector to write it as he inspects. Inspectors at Right Approach concentrate 100% on the inspection process and do not worry about the report writing until after the job is done. Our inspectors won’t be rushed or distracted, and thereby risk overlooking something important. Our inspectors take ample time to custom write a report, thoughtfully detailing all aspects of the property. And, many times they will provide additional information from outside resources that help illuminate particular areas of concern. Hence, by allowing a few more hours after the inspection is completed, our clients are assured to receive the most comprehensive and accurate report possible.

Please click here to view a sample report.

Post-Inspection Consultation
Right Approach Home Inspection takes great pride in providing excellent service and unmatched professional integrity to each and every client. Upon completing an inspection, our inspectors will walk clients through the property and explain any problems that exist, or are likely to occur, and offer viable solutions to resolve those problems. This walk-through visually helps to reinforce what the client will read in the custom report. The inspectors will also take time to show the client how to operate and maintain the various systems in the home and answer any questions they might have. Further, beyond the actual delivery of the report, our inspectors will be available to answer questions for as long as the client owns the inspected property.

It is paramount that our clients are 100% satisfied with our services and walk away with a complete understanding of their future investment.

~Ron Borgogni~
Right Approach Home Inspection, LLC
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