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Ron provided a thorough and easy to understand inspection of our house. Knowing that home inspection is something the average person does less often than say buying a car, he personally took the extra time to clarify the issues without technical jargon or the assumption that I was familiar with building codes (which I’m not). His suggestions were helpful and made sense.

Friendly and courteous, his customer orientation is refreshing in an age of impersonal communication.

– Randy S. – Portland, OR


Outstanding! Great report. Very thorough. Thank you, Ron

– Clete L. Mesa, AZ


I have received the inspection report by e-mail. I have read through every page and made a list of things that need attention.  Again, I thank you for the careful checking you did on my behalf of my future home.

– Pauline


I finally got around to taking a closer look at the inspection report. Great job on the presentation. Very easy to make a to do list for myself based on the way you presented this report. Thankfully, I don’t see anything here I’m not going to handle myself, other than having a plumber completely go through the basement plumbing and landscaper to rebuild the sprinkler system.

Nice job Ron! I learned a lot!

– Brock


The Right Approach inspection team did an excellent job in meeting my needs on inspecting the property that I purchased. Right Approach also went above and beyond in explaining all the items that were found to be in need of attention and the items that needed immediate attention. I have and will continue to recommend Right Approach to anyone who is in need of a home inspection.

– Rick Z. Chandler, AZ


As a real estate agent, my clients turn to me to recommend a professional home inspector.  I always confidently recommend Ron!  I have worked with Ron on numerous home inspections and have witnessed his thorough assessment of homes.  He not only provides the highest quality inspection, equally as important, he communicates his findings to the soon-to-be homeowners through his detailed visual home inspection report and a guided walk through of the home pointing out any key areas.  One of the most crucial steps in the home buying process is completing a home inspection, and that is why I choose to work with Ron.

– Amanda S.


I highly recommend RightApproach Home Inspection for my real estate clients. I’ve even used RightApproach for my own personal inspection on an investment property purchase.

I always get an immediate response both by phone and email. Ron is personable, detailed, and professional. I have also always gotten positive feedback from clients on Ron’s inspections and many have praised him for his ability to communicate issues.

– Dawn B, Solutions Real Estate


I use every opportunity I can to have Ron from Right Approach Home Inspection work for my clients. He is very detailed, knowledgeable, personable, and professional. With a business of such high dollar transactions, quality and trust is what matters most. I know Ron will do his best for my clients which in turn results in more referrals for both of us from happy homeowners.

– Kevin Stark , Realty ONE Group

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